Yaniv Israel Alon
Born 1980 in Beer-Sheva, Is an Israeli fine-art and fashion photographer.
Alon was first introduced to the craft in the field of fashion photography, he then later pursued further education in Shenkar College of Engineering and Design.
His style explores a blend of the polar main-stream fashion world with that of the classic art. As seen in his photo series “Renaissance Brush”, Alon is influenced by the movement at hand and portrays…

Over the years Alon has skilled and developed several techniques, unique to his works, unorthodox and unconventional, yet influenced by well known artists such as Bourdin, Mapplethorpe, Newton, Testino and others.
Amongst Alon’s clientele, one can find leading Israeli fashion designers to whom he formulates a concept with relation to their collection, consequently emphasizing the designer’s voice of inspiration.



now show at Egozi Gallery Tel-aviv
show at Frankel gallery (opera tower Tel-aviv and Savion) 2013-14

2012 group art exhibition -“Pozito” at Amiad gallery flea market Jaffa
2013  group art exhibition “homophile” at “hatahana” Tel aviv’s renewed train station compound